Tigonee (spoonzees) wrote in starsandspoons,

Subject: Maria Kanellis
# of icons: 1-25
Warnings/Disclaimers: none
Credit: pics from wwe.com, various google searches, and mariakanellisonline.com; brush, etc. credit found here. Notes: Credit spoonzees</lj>or starsandspoons</lj>if taking, no hotlinking, blanks are not bases, and comments are love ^_^
Tags: divas, icons, maria, wrestling, wwe
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Someone's improved!

I love these. I wish I had room for some.. but I may snag some anyway ;)
*grin* I know!

Feel free ^_^
Nice work, Tig :)
Thanks :)
I'm not exactly a big Maria fan, but the icons are lovely.
Heh, neither am I exactly, but thanks ^_^
Well now you're gonna end up with a banner with her on it, you know. :P Any particular picture you want me to use on the banner since I don't have many pics of her saved?
Yeah, I know... never said I thought it through ^_^

Nah, not really... I'm fine with any picture :)
Okey-doke... I'll snag one of her from WWE.com, then.

Hey, I'm the one doing a Beth vs. Candice icon challenge... Of course, if the banner is a pic of Beth beating up Candice... That's always fun.
Looking at Candiwhore for any period of time is so not good for the eyes :) But at least she's getting beat up.
It's a little painful, but watching Beth knock her around is fun.